Hilarious (and Humane) Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

Hilarious (and humane) Halloween costumes for your pets

We literally can't pick a favorite doggo.

Everyone knows that the best part of Halloween (besides all of that sweet, sweet free candy) has got to be planning your Halloween costume. And while humans can be ghosts, Space Jam characters, or Unicorn Frappuccinos with ease, not everyone can so easily get in on the Halloween fun. Yes, we’re talking pet costumes.

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Your dog or cat looks pretty much the same 364 days a year, so take this Halloween to shake up their look. But wait! I don’t want to dye my dog’s fluffy white fur or shave my cat so he can be a punk rocker. And that’s fair! You definitely do not (and should not) have to do that. You can buy some premade costumes that are comfortable, humane, and — most importantly — hilarious.

Whether your dog is dressed up like Freddy Krueger or a UPS delivery pup, or your cat is wandering around the house dressed up like Santa Paws or a spooky cape-wearing vampire, your pet can look amazing and amusing this Halloween without being uncomfortable. Don’t believe that it’s possible? Click here to see 15 hilarious (and humane) Halloween costumes for your pets.