Christmas selfie!


5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Celebrate Christmas in November

Now that you’ve blown out the last jack-o-lantern, it’s time to start celebrating Christmas
Christmas selfie!


As soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 1, say hello to Christmas!

Halloween is officially a distant memory, and that means the world is getting ready for the best holiday of them all: Christmas. Now that you’ve blown out the last jack-o-lantern and eaten all your favorite Halloween candies, it’s time to start decking the halls and celebrating Christmas, even if the calendar only reads November. [related] 

5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Celebrate Christmas in November (Slideshow)

Though some people may scoff at you “Ho Ho Ho-ing,” stringing up the stockings, and breezing straight past Thanksgiving, there are more than enough reasons to start celebrating Christmas right now. If you have a favorite Christmas decoration or a nostalgic album filled with holiday songs that you love so much, what’s the point in waiting until you eat all the Thanksgiving leftovers to break them out?

And who can forget the absolute best parts of Christmas? Does any time of year celebrate the cookie as much as this holiday? We’re sure that no other holiday has so many snuggly, ugly sweaters for you to look as awesome as possible in. There are simply too many enjoyable things about Christmas to only embrace them for 25 days out of the year.

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And don’t worry about Thanksgiving — it’ll be just fine.