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The Most Hated Christmas Candies in America

We’d rather be eating coal
candy canes

Candy canes, which America buys billions of each year, even made the list. 

When sent out a survey querying consumers on Christmas candies, they never expected such impassioned responses. But apparently, Americans have been harboring resentment over Christmas candies for years. The responses revealed layers of deep-rooted dissatisfaction with some of the top-selling Christmas candies, including everything from peppermint bark to candy canes.

Here are the most hated Christmas candies in America, from least to most resented. A few survey respondents even went so far as to explain why:

11. Candy Canes
“I know everyone loves these, but it drives me crazy!” someone confessed. “They are hard to unwrap, become a slobbery mess and most of them end up in the trash half-eaten or untouched.”

Another response wasn’t nearly as forgiving. “Canes are for old people.”

10. Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix
Okay, we can’t help but agree. These are the candies you find at the bottom of grandma’s purse in April and wonder what year she bought them at Christmas.

“That old striped hard candy mix is like sucking on rocks,” one angered respondent noted.

9. Ribbon Candy
You’re supposed to eat that stuff?! Sure, it’s great for decorating gingerbread and livening up the table, but steer clear from any temptation to take a bite.

“Whatever that ribbon stuff is, it ain’t candy. There should be a sign that says NOT FOOD.”

8. Non-Peppermint Candy Canes
Chocolate candy canes, Oreo candy canes, and even pickle candy canes have wormed their way onto shelves.

“Don’t try so hard, candy canes,” one jaded consumer replied. There’s nothing candy companies won’t take too far, and this is no exception. Here are 10 other revolting and outrageous candy cane flavors to gawk at.

7. White Peppermint M&Ms
“More like nastymint,” one person responded. Perhaps M&M should just stick to chocolate. According to some tasters, the flavor of these candies is way off and tastes more artificial and cheap than minty and sweet. Yuck.

6. Lifesavers Story Books
Getting one of these gifted in your stocking is the biggest disappointment ever for a candy-hungry kid. Lifesavers are fine, but they’re just not candy, no matter how festively you package them.

“Putting Santa on a box does not make LifeSavers festive.” We’re with you there. Stick to the after-dinner mint business, Lifesavers — and stay out of our candy aisle.

5. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials
Usually when you bite into a truffle, you unveil a creamy middle with decadent chocolate fudge or a crispy wafer — with these candies, you bite into an unpleasant surprise. With just one bite, you’ve unleashed nasty watery sugar liquid that oozes onto your hand.

One reviewer put it nicely when he or she stated, “What is that like water inside. Ew.”

4. Peppermint Bark
We can’t say we agree with this one — unless you’re only buying the cheap stuff, snacking on a chunk of peppermint bark is a good time.

“We call peppermint bark Grinch vomit,” said one peppermint bark hater. “Because it looks like Christmas vomit.” We’re not sure what they’re eating, but no person’s vomit should look anywhere near a clean cut of peppermint candy.

3. Peeps
As a response to what the worst candy in America was, one person replied, “Holy f^&*. Obvious. Peeps. Next question.” Enough said.

2. Reindeer Corn
Any chance people get to hate on candy corn, they take it. It’s a divisive candy — people either love it or hate it. In this case, enough people hated it to rank it as the second worst candy they’re handed on Christmas.

“The answer for worst candy is always candy corn. Seasons don’t matter,” said one disgruntled answerer.

1. Christmas Tree Nougat
These candies are absolutely deserving of the No. 1 spot. There is quite literally nothing appealing about these, according to most people who replied.

“It looks like a poker chip that you can only cash in for sadness.” Accurate.

“Hard and stale, and the flavor is unholy.”

“No one ever eats that stuff and I feel like the nougat gnomes come around and collect it to sell the next year.”

Did your favorites make this list? And who knew so many people hated candy canes? After all, over 2 billion candy canes are sold each year! Read this and 10 other facts about these Christmas candies here.