10 Outrageous Candy Cane Flavors (Slideshow)

Some foods should just be left alone



First the Sriracha bacon lollipop, and now the Sriracha candy cane. It tastes great with other foods, but can you imagine eating Sriracha plain?


Archie McPhee

Sometimes mixing sweet and salty things can lead to something delicious. But we’re not so sure that’s the case with this flavor.


Archie McPhee

If you’re one of those brave souls that love wasabi, then this might be the candy for you. But if you aren’t, then the burning, hot sensation you might feel after trying this might be a decision you may regret.

Sugar Plum

Hammonds Candies

This one could actually turn out to taste pretty good! This also has that gorgeous purple color we love. 

Dill Pickle

Pastina Stores

Don't let the 'Holiday green' color fool you. This candy cane is by no means the traditional wintergreen flavor.


Candy Crate

One of America’s favorite desserts is now a candy cane. And unlike the real thing, this candy cane is not appetizing to the eye in any way. The yellow and brown do not mix well together. But if it tastes anything like the dessert, then we’ll give it a try.

Sweet Tarts


The sweet and sour candy that we loved as kids is now back as candy canes.

Birthday Cake

Hammonds Candies

Just because something tastes sweet does not mean it should be used as a flavor for everything.


Archie McPhee

This just might be the ultimate wild flavor. Gravy is meant to be a topping for foods such as turkey and mashed potatoes. It’s part of a main course and tastes creamy, buttery, and savory. It’s not supposed to be made as a dessert or change from a liquid to a solid. We’re pretty sure this might just turn people away from the food forever.

Bonus: Burnett’s Candy Cane Vodka


Everyone needs a little drink or two to get the holidays. Why not keep the Christmas spirit alive while knocking back shots of candy cane flavored vodka?