Gross Out Your Guests with Gory Halloween Cupcakes

What better way to freak out your friends than serving them a bloody, gory dessert?

These delicious, frightening cupcakes will really freak your friends out at your next Halloween bash. 

Gross! These cupcakes are sure to put the freak-out factor into your next Halloween bash.

Some people like adorably spooky treats on Halloween, but others like treats that are downright disturbing. These repulsing cupcakes are deliciously satisfying if you can get over the gore factor. 

Using fondant and dark red food coloring gel, you can create this zombie masterpiece to serve up at your Halloween party. Different fondants create the skin colors and the red is used to give this mouth a bloody look. The flavor of the cupcake is up to you, but a bloody red velvet might be the perfect route to take for this gory cupcake. You could also make this design on different baked goods, like topping off cookies and brownies with the scary fondant mouth. 

Skeleton's Hand Cupcake

These creepy skeleton hands look like they're coming out of a graveyard.

Creepy skeleton hands grip onto chocolate treats to freak out all of your friends. Your terrifying, but delicious cupcakes will definitely be the star at any party you throw. Want to create something a little smaller and easier to eat? Try creating some eyeball cake pops that will really creep out your guests. These eyeballs seem so bloody and gory that they almost look real! Your guests will truly be scared this Halloween with your frightening desserts

Eye Balls Cake Pops

These eye balls will be a freaky surprise for all of your guests.

All of these delicious treats are perfect desserts to serve with a Halloween dinner or at a haunted house. Their bloody and gory centers make for an excellent addition to your zombie party or any other Halloween themed party. You can hand them out along with a bloody drink for your friends or with spooky smoothies for the kids. Anyway you give out these gory cupcakes, your guests are sure to love them and be totally grossed out at the same time. 

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