What We’re Loving: Spooky Halloween Chocolates

Adorable Halloween chocolates for your spooky goodie bags

Trick-or-Treat-ers will love this delicious addition to their candy bag.

Halloween is a seriously magical time of the year. But while the holiday may be filled with "magical" witches and wizards, it also shows its charms in the creative costumes dream up and in the delicious candy  they collect. There are no boundaries put on imagination this time of year, so why should you settle for regular candy? If you are looking to glam up your trick-or-treaters’ goodie bags or offer guests a great favor for your Halloween party, consider gifting them something from Edward Marc.

The family-owned chocolatier is offering an adorable catalog of sweets that will perfectly fit your party or make the neighborhood kids squeal. The designs vary from cute to creepy and all come beautifully packaged for any situation. Here are our favorites:

Halloween Oreo

Oreo cookie dipped in Edward Marc Chocolatier signature milk, dark, or white chocolate topped with a candied ghost, pumpkin, and mummy.

Chocolate Pops

Coming in a variety of shapes and chocolate flavors, there is sure to be something for everyone with these delicious little treats!

Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin


This little candy packs a treat and a trick. The hollowed-out dark chocolate pumpkin is filled to the brim with sweet bites of classic candy corn.