4 Ways to Ruin a Cinco de Mayo Party

Skip the tequila shots to help prevent your Cinco de Mayo party from getting out of hand


Make your own margaritas rather than using pre-made mix this Cinco de Mayo.

We are all hugely excited about the fast-approaching annual excuse to celebrate Mexico by drinking margaritas, and devouring freshly made tacos on Cinco de Mayo. The sun will shine, we’ll play our favorite mariachi music, and we’ll gather together our friends and family for the ultimate fiesta. However, we do want this party to go smoothly — we all know the consequences of drinking too much tequila — so let’s be extra careful this year, and make sure our party isn’t ruined by these four mistakes.

Avoid Premade Margarita Mix

It may feel like you’re saving yourself a job by opting for premade margarita mix, rather than making up batches of the cocktails yourself. However, premade margarita mix runs the risk of turning your party into chaos. The premade mixes are incredibly sweet and sugary, thereby disguising the taste of the tequila (so you can’t tell how much you’re really drinking), adding to the effects of alcohol, as well as worsening the next day’s hangover.

Be Careful With the Piñata

You don’t want to have to end your Cinco de Mayo party early to call an ambulance and rush your guests off to hospital, so make sure that smashing the piñata is done carefully, and away from the groups of guests. Leave plenty of space around the person with the stick who is about to hit the piñata, and watch out for the backswing: You really don’t want someone being hit in the face with the stick, and consequently having to spend the night in hospital having his or her broken nose repaired.

Don’t Run Out of Tortillas

Never underestimate how hungry you’re guests are going to be. As it’s likely that your guests will be drinking a lot (those margaritas are just so delicious), then you need to ensure you have plenty of food available. It’s easy to focus so much on the guacamole and the filling for the tacos that you forget about the meal’s foundation, the tortilla. Make sure you have more than enough of these to avoid having hungry — and far too tipsy — guests.

Skip the Tequila Shots


Having multiple tequila shots may feel like a good idea after a couple of margaritas, but we promise you they will ruin your party, as your guests will soon have surpassed their drinking limits. To avoid tempting your friends to start drinking the tequila straight, keep the bottle of this dangerous spirit out of sight: Serve pitchers of margaritas, made according to your own, sensible recipe, and don’t leave any full bottles of tequila lying around.