11 Amazing Easter Eggs from Pinterest

Get inspired to have a truly beautiful Easter with these simple and creative Easter egg tutorials

Fun Easter Egg Designs

We know that Easter egg-dyeing is a time honored tradition for those who celebrate this holiday. But the days of plopping a food dye tablet into a cup of vinegar and calling it a day are over. Not only can you make your own DIY dye, you can use interesting and unlikely tools to create fascinating works of art on your perfectly hard-boiled eggs

Bubble Wrap Eggs

The Easter Bunny may not use UPS, but that doesn’t mean mail material is irrelevant to this holiday. In fact, if you get a package in the weeks before Easter, be sure to save the bubble wrap! It will come in handy when you want to design these fun Easter eggs.

Craft Tape Eggs

If you happen to be decorating eggs with little ones and want to skip the hassle of cleaning up the dye mess, try this easy craft. You can create fun and creative designs that the kids will be proud of, and you won’t have to spend the entire time wiping up after their messes.

Glittered Easter Eggs

Put a little pizazz in your holiday with this fun Easter craft. We all know that glitter can be a hassle to work with, but if you’ve got the right tools and a little patience, you can easily make this glittered Easter egg! We recommend using latex gloves to keep the glitter contained to the egg. 

Hipster Eggs

Want your eggs to be super trendy? Try these fun hipster eggs, made with a simple dye kit and funny temporary tattoos. These are especially great if you are hosting an adult egg-dyeing party.

Melted Crayon Eggs

If you’ve held onto all of those broken crayons, now is the time to put them to use! This simple tutorial shows you how to turn crayons and eggs into marbled works of art. 

Napkin-Design Eggs

Easter eggs can be a messy business to clean up, but what if you could skip the dye all together? That is where these fun napkin-design eggs can come in. Take the prettiest design you find on paper goods and simply decoupage them onto your perfectly hard-boiled Easter egg!

Newspaper Eggs

Extra! Extra! You’ll want to read all about these printed Easter eggs. This design is simple, chic, and perfect for the typography-obsessed Easter egg dyer

Onion Skin Eggs

Want to really surprise your guests this Easter? Tell them you used onions to design your Easter eggs this year. They’ll be completely dazzled when they see the beautiful, floral pattern you can achieve with this technique. 

Polka Dot Eraser Eggs

Easter egg dyeing is supposed to be a fun and funky venture. A plain Easter egg just isn’t going to do! If you love the look of polka dots, this simple decorating tip will delight you. After dyeing your eggs with a base color, all you’ll need is a pencil and a few drops of paint. Get wild with a pattern or go polka dot crazy!

Ribbon-Wrapped Eggs

If you are looking to create a personal and fun Easter egg, gathering together a bunch of funky ribbons may just be the ticket! Just make sure that your ribbons are no wider than a half an inch. That way, you can wrap several different fun colored or patterned ribbon strands around your Easter eggs.

Silver and Gold Easter Eggs

Class up your Easter with this super fun and stylish Easter egg idea. If you’ve got an eye for meticulous detail, this decoration concept is just right for you.