25 Easter Eggs That Look Like Celebrities

A fateful Easter trip to Disney World inspired John Lamouranne to create a project that would change his life. A commercial advertising artist at the time, Lamouranne took the trip in 1978 and came back inspired to paint a Disney character Easter egg for his daughter.

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"For some reason, the idea just came to me" he said.

On his site, Lamouranne recounts a dream where he was surrounded by little people who looked like eggs. He was then inspired to create the characters he makes today out of multiple eggs.

"It's easy today, I get all the pictures off the internet unlike years ago," he went on to say. "Many egg sets are special orders and they provide the pictures and ideas."

Since all of his eggs must be shipped, they are required to be strong. He uses pegs to construct them and uses materials like ceramic, wood and even real goose eggs to bring his art to life.

"Goose eggs are very strong," he assures.

For over three decades, Lamouranne's impressive egg collection has grown to include a variety scenarios and characters; of course many of them are his client's favorite celebrity requests. Today his egg collection includes the likes of actors, singers, dancers and the occasional talk show host. And his work is alarmingly spot on.

One look into Ellen DeGeneres' baby blue painted on eyes and you'll be convinced that the egg doppelgangers from Lamouranne's dream are actually real. From the shocking likenesses ranging from an intricate President Obama to a cartoonish Steven Tyler, it seems Lamouranne's talents have no limit.

We mean really, could you paint Easter eggs that look like this?

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The oval office has taken on an entirely new meaning. Our "egg-head" president should get this for the famous White House Egg Roll!

Lady Gaga

You'll go gaga for this this Mother Monster Easter egg. Lamouranne even nailed her eccentric outfits.

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