Heineken Mini Keg: How Many Do You Need?

Heineken keg price and quantity

Share a Heineken brew with your buddies.

Do you love Heineken beer? Do you want to share your love of the crisp, Dutch brew with a few neighbors, but not the whole neighborhood? Then you’re in need of a mini beer keg, my friend. A full Heineken keg would usually run more than $150 — and they can get the whole block lightly buzzed — but these mini kegs pack just a little more than 14 pints’ worth of brew, just right for you and a few of your pals.

If you’re anticipating a crowd of 8 to 10, you may want to pick up a couple of mini kegs, just to be on the safe side; nobody ever complained of a party where there was a little too much beer left at the end.


Remember to put the beer in the fridge the night before your gathering. We’re not in England, and despite the fact that these mini Heineken kegs are small, they take a while to chill.