Heineken Debuts Mini K-Cup-Like Keg for Home

First soups, now beer

Heineken's new Sub lets you pour a beer from tap any day of the week.

Nespresso's individual-fresh-pour trend is now leaking over to the beer world; just as mini pods of coffee pour fresh-brewed cups for individual drinkers everywhere, now Heineken has created an individual keg that keeps small amounts of beer fresh, for the home drinker.

According to a press release, Heineken unveiled The Sub in Paris last night, a "draught beer lifestyle appliance" that chills beers to 2 degrees Celsius and keeps the beer fresh for up to 15 days. The idea is that home drinkers can pour a fresh pint of Heineken, not from a can, but from tap.


Consumers can then buy a two-liter "Torp," a mini keg that filters into the Sub and keeps the beer fresh. "Consumers want to create the high-end experience... at home, from the appliance through to the pour of a perfect draught beer. And they also want the convenience of trying a variety of beers. THE SUB is an innovation that delivers this and more," François-Xavier Mahot of Heineken said in a press release. Keep an eye out for this K-Cup system for beer starting 2014 in France and Italy.