How to Blow Up a Keg, and Why

Because there is fire and exploding beer and it's all in slow-motion

Yes, exploding kegs are awesome.

We must admit, as wasteful as it is, we really enjoy watching things get blown up (another reason why sabering champagne is super fun). So as the folks behind Rated RR (who have also blown up rows of beer, boxed wine, and popped open champagne with an AK-47) decided to see if they could tap a beer keg with a detonating cord.

There's a lot of gear lingo and shoptalk that we don't necessarily understand (not a crowd of explosives experts here), but the visuals are pretty cool. There's plenty of wasted beer (sad!), fire, dramatic music, and plenty of smoke and slow-motion exploding. The resulting destroyed keg is not pretty. What a waste, but it was entertaining. Watch it all below, then be thankful that your friends only open a keg and do keg stands like normal people. And sometimes they play Danger Can, but even then it's not as wasteful as this.