watermelon sorbet

We Can’t Stop Making This 2-Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet

And it’s nutritionist-approved, because we asked one
watermelon sorbet

It's the perfect way to say goodbye to summer

We’re not kidding: You need to make this while you can. With just two healthy, low-calorie ingredients, you can make a huge bowl of tangy sorbet — and eat the whole thing without feeling sick or gross.

Regular sorbet can contain upwards of 34 grams of sugar per cup. This variety has less than half that. Incredible.

We found it on the Instagram of one of the nutritionists we recommend following on social media. Dana Harrison, MS, filmed herself raving about the stuff, diving face-first into a bowl. We trusted the nutritionist’s advice, so we hunted the recipe creator down.

Kelly Nardo, Cross Fit enthusiast and owner of a healthy meal delivery company, was tired of the artificial sweeteners and added sugar in her favorite dessert foods. Instead of just omitting the creamy confections from her diet, she decided to take action. Thus, the watermelon sorbet was born.

To make healthy eating as seamless as possible for her readers, Nardo crafted a recipe that doesn’t require any fancy equipment, technical skill, or culinary finesse, which you can find here. All you have to do is throw the two ingredients — watermelon and lime juice — into a blender and voila. Five hours of freezer time later, you’ve got the thirst-quenching snack you’ve been looking for.

In case that was too complicated for you, she also made a video to guide you to the poolside snack of your dreams.



This is the ultimate summer snack to spoon by the pool. Watermelon is super hydrating, helps with muscle recovery, and doesn’t even bloat your belly.