35 Nutritionists You Need To Follow On Social Media Right Now

If there's anywhere you should be getting your health inspiration, it's from the brains of top nutritionists. They know their way around an avocado and have a thing or two to say about coconut oil.

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The licensed professionals not only understand what it means to be healthy, but they also live and breathe it every day — and many of them share it, too. To many of them, it feels rewarding to get to share their passions online. Social media affords them the opportunity to interact with other health professionals and with the public, and they can spread the word on everything they believe — all while maintaining their busy and client-filled schedules.

We compiled the greatest for you, so you don't have to get lost in the deepest recesses of Instagram looking for them. Each of these 35 amazing health role models is a sharer extraordinaire. On their social media profiles, you'll find recipes, advice, current events, and dozens of other helpful snippets to help you lead your best life.

Not to mention, they make a mean smoothie bowl.

If you're not following the people on this list, you're missing out on more than serious entertainment and gorgeous shots of drool-worthy food; you're neglecting to live your life with the health and nutrition knowledge you deserve.