Vegan Alternatives So Good You Won't Miss Meat or Dairy

These wildly inventive products push veganism to the limits, and bring flavor along

Kite Hill is a non-dairy cheese company giving access to creamy delicacies that used to be off-limits to vegans

When going vegan, certain sacrifices seem inevitable. Can any product replace the creaminess of Brie, the fluffy pique of a well-whipped chocolate mousse, or the lusciousness of thinly sliced smoked salmon? Thanks to some innovative and daring food entrepreneurs, the answer is yes.  

The meat-alternative market is set to reach $5 billion by 2020, and food manufacturers are lining up to take advantage of the trend. A number of brands are already offering vegan alternatives to classically non-vegan foods and ingredients. We’ve all seen vegan ice cream, nut milk, and non-dairy yogurt, but have you ever heard of vegan bacon grease? What about vegan egg whites? These vegan alternatives use modern food science to manipulate starches, oils, and proteins into creamy and meaty textures.

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The Daily Meal has compiled a list of the 10 most enticing vegan food products on the market. While not all of these alternatives taste like the real thing, their creator’s ingenuity should be respected because it takes an adventurous mind to push forward the boundaries of veganism. Read on to find out which vegan foods are so good that you won’t miss dairy or meat.