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Sweet and Spicy Recipe Ideas for World Tuna Day

Celebrate taste on World Tuna Day with these delicious, nutritious recipes

It’s World Tuna Day, and we’d like to celebrate by sharing a couple of delicious recipes with you.

Serve These 21 Dishes With Your Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo.

Seeing as World Tuna Day falls just a few short days before Cinco de Mayo, we suggest incorporating some of this incredibly low-fat, high-protein fish into your taco repertoire. We have a Cinco de Mayo Tuna Tacos recipe courtesy of StarKist which is perfect for not only May 5 but also any other time you’re craving tacos. Did someone say #TacoTuesday?

With warmer weather coming up, we’re sure you’re looking for new dishes to serve under the sun. Why not celebrate tuna with some nutritious food you can eat with your hands? Hungry Girl's Sweet 'n Sassy Egg Bites are the perfect sweet and spicy way to snack in style this spring and summer. Pro tip: If your hands get messy, wash them off by taking a dip in the neighbors' pool.

Other than delicious recipes, we’d like everyone to take a second on World Tuna Day to consider where their food is coming from. There are sustainable, organic fish which are better for you and the planet, and we highly encourage you to educate yourself on the sourcing of not only your tuna but all of the food you consume.

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