20 Surprising Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

You've read all the health advice online, you've tried all the diets, and you've slaved for hours at the gym. But you're still not losing weight. What gives? Though there are many plans and regimens out there that promise weight loss for everybody, no single plan is going to result in the same effect for everyone. After all, everyone's body is different! While one person may drop pounds trying the keto diet, another might not see the same result.

20 Surprising Reasons You're Not Losing Weight Gallery

Don't believe it? Try searching the internet for weight loss advice. (Or better yet, please don't.) You'll get a myriad of contradicting opinions, supported by equally contradictory sets of research that seem to prove each one. Low-fat? Some studies are all for it. Low-carb? Other research swears by it.

But no one diet seems to be the miracle cure that works for every person. (Think about it: If this diet existed, people wouldn't struggle so much to find answers and whoever invented the program would be rich.)

There are all kinds of potential reasons why your weight loss quest hasn't been as successful as you think it should be — only some of which are in your control. These 20 reasons you're not losing weight might surprise you.