Here's How to Eat — Not Exercise — Your Way to Washboard Abs

The path to achieving an impressive abdomen isn’t all about crunches


Anyone can happily make his or her abs show after a few months of regimented healthy eating.

Looking to develop an impressive set of abs? You won’t get there by doing sit-ups and crunches alone. If you really want to chisel away the flab and let the fab shine through, you’re going to have concentrate most of your effort into dialing in your diet.

Here's How to Eat — Not Exercise — Your Way to Washboard Abs.

In the land of yoyo-style weight-loss, it’s pretty easy to shed a few pounds quickly. That’s the whole point of our guide to losing 10 pounds in 10 days — follow it strictly and you’ll be sure to drop some weight (mostly water weight) in no time. What’s the issue with losing weight quickly? It’s not a lasting, long-term approach to getting fit, and as soon as you hop off of the healthy eating train you’ll abruptly return to your old weight. Bummer, right?

Ridiculous fad diets and get-fit-fast methods serve some sort of purpose for those interested in a quick flushing of excess weight, but the path to true, sustainable weight-loss is a long and trying process. In order to avoid the bummers, you’ll want to take the long, foolproof path to exposing your abdominal muscles. We’ll show you how, over time, you can eat your way to a shirt-off-at-the-tailgate-worthy set of abs.


It’s going to take a little math, a lot of dedication, and an earnest effort to do, but you can certainly reveal your abs (trust us, you have some muscles under there) by eating properly for an extended period of time. Calories in versus calories out is the name of the game when it comes to achieving abdominal excellence, and choosing the right foods along the way will do nothing but bolster your weight-loss efforts. If it were easy, everyone would do it, but it’s not. Get ready to work.