11 Things to Know About Wine and Your Waistline

We’ll help you decide if your evening glass of wine is good for your weight or not
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Like most things, you’ll see that wine is just fine when consumed in moderation.

A glass of wine in the evening is something that, over time, becomes routine for those who enjoy it. It’s widely believed to be a healthy practice. From a dry, crisp pinot grigio to a hearty, spicy shiraz, wine-lovers everywhere have their go-to glasses of this grape-based drink. With wine’s rich history having no lack in pride or tradition (or scandal), this drink has stood (and will continue to stand) the test of time. The question that begs an answer here is, although wine is so widely enjoyed, is a daily dose of it truly beneficial to one’s health or not.

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As with most things, it can be assumed that an unregulated wine regimen would have clear negative effects on your weight — moderation is always key in the world of healthy eating and drinking. Other than the caloric surplus that drinking multiple glasses of wine per day would produce, the amount of alcohol being introduced to the body should be addressed as well. If one glass is considered healthy, it’s important to know where the scale tips from beneficial to detrimental.


The CDC lists a standard glass of wine as five ounces at 12 percent alcohol. Wines come from many different regions, though, with different soils and climates, and are made from varying types of grapes (let’s just call this terroir from now on), so it is to be expected that different wines will have different levels of alcohol. More alcohol means more calories, and more calories can sometimes result in a tightening of your favorite pair of jeans.

With so many factors going into the contents of an individual bottle of wine and so many different approaches to an individual’s chosen varietal and its consumption, we’ve attempted to give you a guide on the ways in which wine can impact your weight so that you can decided whether or not it’s for you. As you’ll see, there are pros and cons in the realm of wine and weight. Click ahead to see 11 things to know about wine and your waistline.