The Healthiest Fast-Food Sandwiches in America

Yes, they exist!

Chains are heeding consumers’ desires and offering healthier options

The sandwich is the foundation of the fast-food industry: It’s simple to assemble, easy to transport, and convenient to eat. But the real power of the sandwich is derived from its universal identifiability — whether it’s a cemita from Mexico, a banh mi from Vietnam, or a bocadillo from Spain, every culture has some iteration of the sandwich.

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But American fast food has hijacked this global food staple and transformed it from a candid combination of protein, vegetable, and bread into a nutritional monstrosity loaded with processed meat, processed cheese, and processed bread. These ingredients often come frozen or precooked, and lack any discerning freshness, and to make them palatable requires the holy trinity of food-industry additives: salt, sugar, and fat. As a result, the average fast-food sandwich typically clocks in at around 700 calories and contains half a day’s allowance of sodium and total fat.

There is, however, hope when it comes to the fast-food sandwich. Chains are heeding consumers’ desires and offering healthier options, but the problem is that they’re not easy to find. Hidden within the vibrantly lit menu boards are some tasty combinations that will leave you satisfied rather than in a bloated grease coma. It might come as a surprise, but almost every fast-food franchise from McDonald’s and Burger King to Subway and Shake Shack offers up better-for-you sandwich options that are lower in sodium, saturated fat, and calories, and that you can truly feel good about eating.


Here are the healthiest fast-food sandwiches in America.