9 Essential Fall Superfoods and How to Cook Them

Forget about pumpkin; check out these other fall foods

The pomegranate is an underutilized ingredient in Western cuisine, but the fruit’s luscious seeds can add a sweet and crunchy bite to salads and soups

Fall offers a tremendous variety of fruits and vegetables, but many of these healthy, seasonal gems are upstaged by the ubiquitous gourds. Pumpkin and butternut squash have their own benefits, but their nutrition profiles pale in comparison to some of autumn’s other offerings. Fibrous vegetables and vitamin-packed fruits are abundant, but can be intimidating if you don’t know how to cook them.  

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Cooking certain fall foods requires a little more culinary know-how. Some of these seasonal foods, like parsnips, turnips, and pomegranates, may look misshapen or bizarre, but cooking them properly unlocks a whole new dimension of flavor. After tasting the sweetness of a roasted turnip or the smoothness of a parsnip purée, you will boldly return week after week to your local farmers market in search of new edible treasures. Eating foods that are in season is the perfect way to keep your diet fresh and interesting.     


Here are nine essential fall superfoods and how to cook them.