20 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Your Next Loaf Of Bread

When you walk into the grocery store, there's literally a whole wall of breads to choose from. To an average shopper who is not exactly a bread expert, the multitude of choices seems absurd. You just want something healthy to hold your sandwich!

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Depending on your preference, some breads are undoubtedly tastier than others. The tastiest, though, might not be the best for daily use. We might not be bread experts, but we're all smart enough to understand the health risks of Wonder Bread as opposed to that grainy, oat-infused option on the other end of the aisle.

Sometimes, though, it's not so clear cut. Marketing ploys by bread manufacturers have gotten increasingly creative over the years, conjuring new terms for old tricks. "Stone-ground," "spelt," and "enriched" labels are confusing. Who knows what those terms even mean? Before you go buy your next loaf of bread, here's what you need to know.