10 Ways to Save Your Food From Freezer Burn

Whether you buy in bulk or want to save leftovers, these tips will help keep your food safe while it's stored in the freezer
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10 Ways to Save Your Food From Freezer Burn

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Properly store and freeze food to prevent freezer burn.

For those of us who know how to spot a deal, or like to cook once and eat all week, or just have some leftovers to store, the freezer can be a lifesaver. But nothing bums us out more than reaching in the frosty box to find a thick layer of freezer burn has spoiled our pre-portioned dinner.

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You can prevent freezer burn catastrophes by prepping your foods for storage with the goals of minimizing direct air exposure and keeping frost-causing humidity at bay. Freezer burn is caused by moisture-loss. Basically, freezing foods properly is a juggling act between drying out (which leads to freezer burn) and over-exposure to the warm, humid air (which leads to excessive frost).

When freezing foods, it is important to note the different shelf life of foods and the pre-freezing prep needed. For example, most fresh vegetables need to be blanched in boiling water before they are cooled for freezing to ensure that enzymes, which cause nutrient breakdown, are inactive.

While freezer burn won’t make you sick, it will make foods tough, tasteless, and just that much less enjoyable. Luckily, freezer burn is preventable with these 10 easy steps that will keep your frozen meals, leftovers, and relics of the summer growing season as fresh as the day they arrived in your kitchen.


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