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20 Lessons We Learned About Food in 2017

2017 dropped some major knowledge bombs
healthy eating

This year, we came to some major breakthroughs in weight and health.

We live in the midst of a shifting mindset surrounding food, fueled by studies and research that debunk previous assumptions we had about food and dieting. People are trying all kinds of diets, fasting intermittently, and cutting out ingredients in the name of their health. Some of these attempts have been fueled by science. Some haven’t.

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We’ve discovered breakthroughs in previous years that made it okay to eat fat again (so long as it was fat from almonds) and a good thing to eat more calories. Every year we’re learning something new about the way we should eat for optimal health and (hopefully) learning how to live to live longer and better with every piece of news. This year, some previous conclusions have been questioned — and some big breakthroughs have appeared.


Are only almonds the good kind of fat, or does lard play a role in our health as well? Should we always be eating clean, or has even that been debunked? 2017 was a big year for nutrition and health science. While some ‘breakthrough’ conclusions seem like old news, some have been huge shockers for the health and nutrition world. Without further ado, here are the biggest lessons we learned about food in 2017.