10 Ways Millennials Are Unhealthier Than Their Parents

Sure, the generation has more health information at their disposal nowadays, but are they using it?

These days, millennials get a lot of flak. With recent headlines such as “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation” and widespread criticism of the age group for being “slackers,” it’s hard to deny the controversy. These 20- and 30-somethings are known for being tech savvy, hyper-critical, and emotionally unavailable.

But how are they doing with their health?

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Health food companies are on the rise, and media coverage surrounding health and wellness has exploded. However, it is up for debate whether or not the popularity of these wellness trends really indicates that this generation is any better off than the one before it.

To the dismay of sassy young people everywhere, the evidence goes both ways. In some aspects of healthy living, millennials have the older generation beat. However, there are a number of ways that millennials are actually on the decline when it comes to their wellness. Twenty-somethings preaching health to their parents might be a little misguided; every once in a while, they could probably learn a thing or two from their parents’ advice. Here are the 10 ways millennials are unhealthier than their parents.


But that's not the only side of the story. We also looked at the 10 ways that this generation is actually healthier than the parents who raised them.