The Blogger Who Started The Unicorn Trend Gets Real About Instagramable Food

The vibrant, colorful, and undeniably aesthetically pleasing unicorn trend has made its way to bagels, wedding cakes, hot chocolate, and gin. Unicorn food has even gotten the stamp of approval from Starbucks with the debut of its Unicorn Frappuccino on Wednesday. However, behind all the food dye and sugar typically used to make these creations, Adeline Waugh, a Miami-based blogger and food stylist, originally kicked off the food trend by experimenting with natural dyes for her health and wellness blog.

"Ever since I realized that adding beet juice to food would turn it into the most magnificent shade of hot pink, I was hooked," Waugh told Vogue. "My goal is to take healthy food and make it fun and exciting, brightening it up with a few (or many) pops of color."

According to Waugh, she never intended to start a food trend, nor link it to the magical creature.

"I posted it, and all my followers started saying it looked like a unicorn, so I said you're right, and I started calling it that too," Waugh told The New York Times. "Then all of a sudden all these people were making it and tagging it, and now the unicorn thing has gotten just insane."

Waugh has set out to take the unicorn trend one step further with her mermaid toast, which is made with cream cheese and natural ingredients including beet juice, turmeric root, chlorophyll drops, freeze-dried blueberry powder, and spirulina powder, resulting in a "dreamy aquatic look."

"I decided to name it 'mermaid toast' to keep up the tradition of toasts named after mythical creatures," Waugh said.