10 Healthy Sweets That Are Better Than Christmas Cookies

Skip the sugar-filled frosting and go for these healthy treats instead
banana cupcake

Photo Modified: Flickr / Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar / CC BY 4.0

Your health doesn’t stop with the holidays!

After years of baking Christmas cookies and indulging in several cups of hot cocoa, trying healthy and festive alternatives could make your holidays a bit brighter. Whether it be swapping unhealthy ingredients with healthy ingredients or trying a different type of cookie entirely, these sweets will keep you in the holiday mood without causing you to let go of your healthy habits.

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The holidays can be overwhelming already and the last thing you want to worry about is having healthy options to reach for when you are too busy to think. Why not try a tempting avocado chocolate pudding or chickpea cookie dough that you can eat straight out of the jar? Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite sweet treats during the holidays, because even the healthiest people have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying. Try making these recipes for your holiday parties, so that you have a healthy treat to bring along wherever you go!