Golden Girls Cereal Is Priced At $100 On eBay, But Don’t Buy It

Even if you’re a fan, don’t overpay for a box, because more is coming to stores

Turns out that the Golden Girls’ fans are as devoted as Bea Arthur’s Dorothy was sarcastic, even 26 years after the Emmy Award-winning NBC sitcom went off the air. Golden Girls cereal came to Target earlier this month, and almost immediately, it was nearly impossible to find. Sure, you can overpay for it on eBay, but here’s why you shouldn’t do that.

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The bright blue multi-grain cereal is from Funko, best known for its big-headed toys representing characters from pop culture, and includes a tiny Funko figurine of Rose, Betty White’s character. No doubt due to the toy, it was priced at $7.99 -- which is pretty high for cereal. But the price didn’t stop the boxes from flying off the shelves.

Naturally, as with any collectible (Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce, anyone?), some sellers with dollar signs in their eyes have been offering the newly purchased boxes on online auction site eBay. As of Oct. 30, more than 200 boxes of Golden Girls cereal or related items were on sale there, ranging from $3 for just the little Rose figurine, to someone trying to sell 18 boxes for a whopping $2,000. Individual boxes vary in starting price, from as low as $15 to as high as $100. And since eBay is an auction site, the sellers may or may not get the price they’re asking.

But if you can wait just a little bit to have breakfast with everyone's favorite Girls, you don’t need to sell your Miami home to buy a box. On Oct. 26, Funko CEO Brian Mariotti told Deadline that two more flavors of The Golden Girls cereal are coming, with new figurines. He didn’t specify which character would be depicted in the new figures, and a spokesperson for Funko didn’t immediately clarify. However, we do know the new cereals will come in different colors.

“We wanted to lead off with blue,” Mariotti said. “But you can expect to see white and pink colors in the next two editions with new figures in each.”

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Funko is also launching The Golden Girls as Pez dispensers next month, Mariotti told Deadline. You may have to investigate other sources of morning meals until the cereal is available, so check out the best restaurant for breakfast in every state.