Golden Girls Cereal is Now Available at Target, and Wow, Is It Bluer Than Blue

Sit down for breakfast with Dorothy, Sophia and the whole Miami crew

Want to sit down for breakfast with Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose? Get yourself to Target soon, where the limited-edition Golden Girls cereal is now available. But it's not golden in color — this multigrain cereal is a shocking bright blue.

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The cereal is from Funko, best known for its big-headed toys representing characters from pop culture. It comes in an adorable box featuring cartoon drawings of the four Golden Girls, done Funko-style. The cereal is sold only at Target, where it sells for a pricey $7.99, but that includes a tiny Funko figurine of one of the Girls.

Many fans are posting their frustrations about not being able to find the cereal at their local Target. (The Daily Meal checked out a Seattle Target, and the cereal wasn’t there.) Some fans are tweeting at @AskTarget and getting specific responses about their local inventory, so that might be an option. Or just ask the red-polo-shirted Target clerks if they’ve seen it yet – and if they bring you a box, be sure to thank them for being a friend, in the words of the show’s theme song.

It might seem weird for Funko to be in the cereal business, but the Golden Girls variety is just one of a larger Retro TV Set campaign. Other character cereals include a Freddy Krueger variety, Huckleberry Hound version, and Batman and Batgirl options, available at different stores and at different times.

If you’re not a fan of “The Golden Girls,” you’re missing out. The witty Emmy Award-winning NBC sitcom ran from 1985 to 1992. It starred Betty White, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan as four senior citizens living together in Miami Beach and dealing with everything from dating to menopause to Alzheimer’s disease.

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This isn’t the Golden Girls’ only recent interaction with food. There’s a Golden Girls cookbook coming in 2020, and for a while in 2017, lucky New Yorkers could eat at a Golden Girls-themed restaurant. And while you’re waiting to get your hands on the cereal, check out the best restaurant for breakfast in every state.