McDonald’s ‘Rick and Morty’ Szechuan Sauce Sells for $15K on eBay

And DJ Deadmau5 got the last bottle

In 1998, McDonald’s promoted the release of the Disney film Mulan by offering a special Szechuan sauce for its chicken nuggets. Now, almost 20 years later, the chain is giving away limited-quantity half-gallon jugs of the long-discontinued Szechuan dipping sauce. The first recipient was Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, the person who had sent the internet into a tizzy over the sauce in the first place. The sauce was referenced on a recent episode of the show, prompting McDonald’s to create a new batch.

The chain bottled four jugs of sauce in total, and the last three were given away on Twitter July 31. One of the winners, writer and podcast host Robert Workman, listed his bottle on eBay. On August 13, it went to DJ Deadmau5 for a whopping $15,000. (Another person initially outbid him but backed out.)

“Am I really in the middle of a bidding war over a 64oz bottle of Szechuan Sauce? Yes. I am,” the DJ said on Twitter.

Workman reached out to DeadMau5 in a tweet that read, “Welp, second chance offer went up in smoke. Guy didn’t want it. So of course, that’s why he bid. So, yeah, @deadmau5. All you.”

The DJ, who was recently married, responded: “I’m in. Let me finish getting married n s—.”


Workman plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to various charities. If you like sauce, but you couldn’t get your hands on this coveted Szechuan, here are 12 sauces and condiments that will brighten up even the blandest of foods.