Fun Memorial Day Party Games

Enjoy these fun games at your Memorial Day barbecue
Memorial Day Games


For a good time on Memorial Day, try these fun activities!

You have one very serious job to do this Memorial Day weekend: You must have fun. We don’t care if you are hosting a barbecue or just catching some rays on a trip out of town, after a long winter, you deserve an opportunity to finally spend three days playing in the sun. While just being with family and friends and sharing delicious food can be a blast, sometimes you need a good ice-breaking game to really get the party started.

Fun Memorial Day Party Games

Hopefully the sun will be shining and everybody will be able to play outdoors, but if the clouds draw in and the rain starts to fall, there is still no need for the party to be dull. To make the most of the blue skies, allow everyone to embrace their most competitive selves and start a game of Capture the Flag or Musical Chairs. But if it is raining, there’s no reason the fun can’t continue indoors with table games, and multiple rounds of hide and seek.

With some tasty food cooking on the grill, everyone sipping on iced pitchers of drinks, the sun shining, and your favorite friends and family surrounding you, you’ll be all set for the best Memorial Day weekend. Now, check out these fabulous game ideas to make sure you have the most enjoyable weekend in the summer sun.