Great Party Games for Food Lovers

Try playing one of these great food games at your next party
Food Party Games

Challenge your friends and family to a food game!

Parties are usually a blast one their own. With a vast amount of food, drink, and music, you have all of the makings for a great soiree. But if you’re entertaining a more reserved group or even a group of unfamiliar faces, parties can get dull rather quickly. To spice things up, you don’t need to make more alcohol flow or turn the music up (though either couldn’t hurt). All you need are a few games to keep your guests, young or old, entertained. To get the party started, here are three game ideas that will keep your guests entertained and involved.

Tasting Game: Adult

Food always gets people talking, so why not make it a challenge? Blindfold guests and have them sample foods and guess what they are. You could have them sample, teas, jams, beers, cheeses, or anything else you want to challenge your guests with.

Construction Contest: Kids

Encourage the kids to play with their food. With toothpicks, and marshmallows, have the kids build something creative together. Whoever has the most interesting designs, wins!

Snack Wars: Anyone


Pit adults and kids against one another in the ultimate snack-time showdown. In “Minute to Win It” style, have contestants try to eat their snacks in creative and challenging ways. Have them balance chips on a Popsicle stick with your mouth or hang mini-doughnuts from a string and have guests try to gobble them up in under a minute!