Party Games for Kids to Play

While the adults mingle, have the little ones play these fun party games!
Party Games for Kids

Try setting up these simple party games for kids at your next soirée

Parties are supposed to be an inherently good time, but a little planning can ensure it. This is especially true if you are mixing guests of different age groups. All you need are a few games to keep your young guests entertained. To get the party started, here are three game ideas that will keep your little ones involved. 

Construction Contest

Encourage the kids to play with their food. Provide toothpicks and marshmallows and have the kids build something creative together. Whoever has the most interesting design wins!

Washer Toss

This is a total DIY game for an outdoor kids’ party. For a successful washer toss game, all you need is some cut PVC pipe, two old desk draws, and some washers from your toolbox. The object of the game is similar to cornhole, in that you have to land a washer on or near the pit. Inside the cup will score you score you five points, while shots that land closest to the cup are worth one. A simple way to pass the time, washer toss is fun (and time-consuming) enough to keep kids occupied for hours. 

Melting Chocolate


Think tag but with a sweet twist! When you are tagged "it," you must "melt" down to the floor. Someone who is not "it" has to touch the tagged player before her or his belly hits floor so she or he can be “saved.”