Why Your Wedding Cake Should Really Be a Pie Cake

The newest wedding trend we’re totally in love with: tiered pie cakes
Cherry Pie


Could there be a more romantic dessert to serve than a heart-shaped cherry pie?

We love that every National Pi(e) Day gives us the excuse to talk about our all-time favorite American dessert for a whole 24 hours. Pies satisfy our sweet cravings all year round, and thanks to the endless filling options such as seasonal fruits, sweet custards, or a rich chocolate ganache, we will never tire of them. However, we feel that when it comes to celebrations — apart from Thanksgiving, of course — our beloved pies don’t get the attention they deserve. We are thrilled to have seen a gradually growing micro-trend for pies taking their place center-stage at this year’s weddings. Swapping a traditional wedding cake for a tall tier of pies is a bridal fashion we are very keen to get on board with.

If you think that a pie cake at your wedding is just too radical, and that replacing the wedding cake with cupcakes was already one step too far, then this may not be the trend for you. Unless, of course, pie really is your favorite dessert. In which case, it’s time to throw tradition out the window, and embrace the pie wedding cake trend. Exchanging an elegant, formal wedding cake for a tower of homemade, perfectly golden pies will be the crowning glory to your Pinterest-perfect, bohemian, outdoor wedding.

We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love pie, so swapping your fruit cake for a pie is sure to be a crowd-pleasing move. Having a selection of them also enables you to offer several flavor options, which you can change depending on the season: an apple pie in autumn, a cherry pie in spring, berries in summer, a pecan pie all year round... You can also play around with how many you have, how big they are, and how to decorate the pastry crust: You’re not going to miss out on designing your wedding cake just because you’ve chosen to have pies, there’s still plenty of decision-making to be done.

Having a pie cake will also save you a lot of money — saving you some wedding budget that can be spent elsewhere, perhaps on that dreamy honeymoon. If you’re a baking queen, consider making the pies yourself, or to add a communal, personal touch to your wedding reception, ask your closest friends and family to contribute their signature pie to your tier. If not, the nearest pie shop will do a fabulous job for a lot less money than a decorative wedding cake. And surely there’s nothing more romantic than celebrating your marriage with a romantic red cherry pie with a little heart cut out of the crust?


Having a pie cake doesn’t mean you’re missing out on all the classic wedding traditions that come with a wedding cake. You’ll still have a tiered sweet dessert to celebrate with, only this one will be served on a cake stand, rather than being self-supporting and decorated in white frosting. Wedding cake toppers will look adorable when sitting atop the smallest, highest pie, and you’ll definitely be able to get that perfect wedding album shot of you and your lifelong partner cutting into the pie together. Your radical cake doesn’t have to look bare and minimal either: Decorate around the layers of pie with ribbons, flowers, and fruits, to make it look as fancy as a traditional wedding cake.