Want to Make a Burger Like Gordon Ramsay? Here’s How

Don’t make an idiot sandwich this summer

These picturesque burgers can be your reality.

Grilling season is officially upon us, and that means it’s time to start making (and eating) cheeseburgers in massive quantities. But, grilling burgers isn’t as easy as it looks. And who better to receive burger grilling tips from than Gordon Ramsay?

In a segment on Good Morning America, the celebrity chef walked through how to make the most incredible burgers for your summertime barbecues.

For Ramsay, preparing the best-ever burger begins long before it hits the grill. It starts when you pick out the blend at the grocery store. He recommends a blend of different cuts of beef, including chuck, ground beef, and some brisket. Of course, high-quality ingredients will always produce better burgers.

After you mold the meat blend into patties, it’s time for the seasoning. This, as one could expect, is a key component. Ramsay recommends seasoning all sides of your patties evenly and remembering even the sides of your burgers, which you can roll in seasoning.

If you thought this all happened just moments before you put these babies on the grill, you’re wrong.

"Try and get this done the day before," he advised. "If you get this done the day before, set them in the fridge so they stay nice and firm — that way they don't fall apart on the grill."

When it’s finally time to start cooking, remove your burgers from the fridge and let them come close to room temperature. Otherwise, the burgers will cook unevenly.

When grilling, don’t make rookie mistakes. Move your burger as little as possible. "The more you move it, the more chance you've got of breaking the burger,” Ramsay said. He also recommends brushing the burger with a red wine butter or chipotle butter to add more flavor. Yeah, the secret to great beef? It’s pretty much always butter.

Finally, Ramsay’s last tip to making a burger is to toast the bun. Not only do you get a beautiful bit of charred flavor, but it also helps to avoid the much-dreaded soggy bottom.

Serve that toasted bun and beautifully cooked patty with cheese, mustard, mayonnaise, grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato (as long as they’re not sad), and your burgers will be worthy of a Masterchef.