What We’re Loving: Sucre Shop’s Sustainable Flatware

In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing a brand we love for hosting a green party

Go green: add Sucre Shop's flatware into your party plans.

The art of entertaining is an age-old tradition that’s passed down to us from family members and those close to us. Think about it: Setting the table, table manners, smart shopping, etc. — it all stems from word-of-mouth.

When it comes to eco-friendly entertaining, we need to go straight to the source. While we have a plethora of insight from our trusty green wedding know-it-all, Green Bride Guide, we’re going to have to agree with Better Homes and Gardens' declaration that Sucre Shop’s eco-friendly flatware is the best in the land.

An Etsy favorite, Sucre Shop supplies everything you need for party flatware, from individual settings to serving spoons and favor accompaniments. They're based in St. Louis and owner Brooke Pratt vows to take party planning and hosting in a more sustainable direction with her knack for whimsical yet eco-friendly collections.

These utensils are bright, inviting, and bold, so use them for any occasion to immediately set the scene — and the table.