Peyton Manning from What Do Football Players Eat Before Games? (Slideshow)

What Do Football Players Eat Before Games? (Slideshow)

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Peyton Manning

Before every game, the Denver Broncos quarterback eats two pieces of grilled chicken, pasta with marinara sauce, a plain baked potato, and broccoli, and he washes it down with a Gatorade. 

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Brian Urlacher

The former linebacker for the Chicago Bears had an interesting pre-game dining superstition: he’d eat two chocolate chip cookies., iStockphoto/ Thinkstock

Fred Beasley

This fullback spent the bulk of his career with the 49ers, and before every game he’s enjoy a big breakfast of steak and eggs, along with a big glass of water., iStockphoto/ Thinkstock

Willie Anderson

Offensive tackle Willie Anderson spent 11 years with the Cincinnati Bengals, and ate a pretty huge meal before each game: a bowl of oatmeal, fruit, a baked potato, some sausage, water, and Gatorade. 

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Sam Bradford

The 6’4’’ quarterback for the St. Louis Rams also has an interesting pre-game eating ritual: he’ll only eat everything in threes. He usually sticks with fruit, so that means that on his plate you’ll find three slices of pineapple, three of cantaloupe, and the like. Whatever works!, iStockphoto/ Thinkstock

Kansas City Chiefs

Three hours before the game, the team chef will put out a lavish spread, and the team will go to town. But when it gets closer to starting time, he’ll come back with a platter of chicken breast for the team so they can do some pre-game protein-loading. 

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Brian Jennings

Jennings has a fear of birds, so he’s one of the only football players you’ll meet who never eats chicken. Before each game during the 12 seasons he spent with the San Francisco 49ers, he’d dine on a filet mignon with a side of brown rice and vegetables., iStockphoto/ Thinkstock

Dominic Raiola

The center for the Detroit Lions takes a protein-heavy route before each game, eating chicken breast and an egg white omelette. 

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Nate Burleson

The Lions’ wine receiver enjoys a pretty standard breakfast before gametime: eggs, bacon, and potatoes., iStockphoto/ Thinkstock

Micheal Spurlock

The Dallas Cowboys’ wine receiver/ return specialist fills his plate up with three choices that don’t really go together: an omelette, spaghetti, and broccoli. But hey, you’ve got your protein, carbs, and fiber all in one place!

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What Do Football Players Eat Before Games? (Slideshow)