Sophisticated Sweets from Jelly Belly® from Sophisticated Sweets from Jelly Belly® slideshow

Sophisticated Sweets from Jelly Belly® slideshow

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Sophisticated Sweets from Jelly Belly®

If evening parties are more your thing, nothing goes better with cocktails than…more cocktails.  Which is why Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics® are the perfect adornment for drinks of any kind.  Invite your guests to warm up their palate with Margarita Jelly Belly jelly beans before diving into the real thing.   The little touches are what take a party from good to great.

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Hurricane Vases

Create a beautiful rainbow effect when you layer Jelly Belly jelly beans in different colors in a large hurricane vase and set a candle on top.  Take inspiration from the wide array of flavors to help decide on a color combination for your event.  The beans also work in a smaller vase as a foundation for a matching bouquet of flowers.  Take your cue from nature using greens like Kiwi or Green Apple as a “grassy” bottom, then insert your blooming flowers directly inside.

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Decorate champagne glasses

Fill a small, sheer muslin bag with Jelly Belly jelly beans (we suggest the iridescent Champagne flavor) and tie the bag around champagne flutes for a beautiful accouterment.  Even better, guests can snack as they sip.  If you’re going with Rosé, the Jewel Very Cherry has a beautiful pearlescent sheen that adds great depth to the drink platter in a variety of presentations.

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Jelly Belly Napkin Ring

Napkin rings add a sense of celebration to any tabletop. When you use Jelly Belly jelly beans for this craft, the fun factor increases tenfold.  Dive into flavors like Jewel Berry Blue, Jewel Orange or Jewel Cream Soda for a sophisticated, pearlescent look.  Simply select your flavors and thread the beans on 22-gauge tin wire. We recommend measuring beforehand – you can wrap the ring around the napkin once or twice, but don’t forget to curl the ends! Delish has some great examples here. 

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Personalized Filigree Tins filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans

When elegance is key and you have a day you want to remember, create a vintage-inspired monogrammed filigree.  But instead of serving these keepsakes empty, surprise your guests and fill them up with a festive Jelly Belly bean flavor like Mojito or Strawberry Daiquiri.

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Jelly Belly Candy Bowls

Beautiful bowls filled with colorful Jelly Belly jelly beans are a source of delight for any party.  Be it a wedding, beach party, birthday celebration or even a tailgate (check out the Draft Beer flavor), bowls full of bite-sized sweets are a sure-fire win. Create a display table with transparent bowls and mix Jelly Belly jelly beans with various sweets, all within the same color theme.  Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors match their “real” flavors surprisingly well, which makes paring them with food and drink a no-brainer.


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