Jelly Belly Releases Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans

They smell like stale beer and taste like sweet beer
Jane Bruce

Jelly Belly's new beer-flavored jelly beans actually taste like beer.

Jelly Belly has produced some odd-flavored jelly beans in the past, but this one is certainly up there with the funkiest: they’ve released a beer-flavored jelly bean, called ‘Draft,’ and we’ve tasted them so you don’t have to.

The company claims that the flavor was inspired by a hefeweizen wheat beer, and their ‘tasting notes’ claim that the flavor is effervescent, clean, crisp, and containing wheat notes. We were sent a bag of the opalescent little gems to sample (along with an adorable little mug), so we opened the bag up and the first thing we noticed was the smell: beer! But not just any beer; beer that’s probably been left sitting out a little too long. Seriously, they smell like a frat house the night after a rager.

As for the flavor, the less said about it the better. There’s definitely a strong beer flavor up front, which quickly dissipates into the flavor of flat beer with 15 packets of sugar dumped into it. It tastes like, well, sweet beer.


So don’t be surprised if at some point in the near future you come across beer-flavored Jelly Bellies. Feel free to sample them for novelty’s sake, but if you want something that tastes like beer, have a beer!