How to Create Your Own Napkin Rings

EBE Events and Entertainment how to make your own, memorable napkin rings

While napkins play a vital role at the table, it’s easy for them to get overlooked. Sure, there are boldly printed ones, and some are made from amazing fabrics or are even embellished. But that look is hard to achieve without splurging. 

EBE, a renowned Philadelphia-based event planning company, is all about taking events to the next level, from the bands and the DJ’s to the design, lighting, and much more. They understand that even the smallest of details never go unnoticed. Here’s what they had to say about napkin rings: 

Napkins play an important part of a dining table layout for any occasion. These small accessories pull the whole dining table together and make delicious food items look even more enticing. The key is finding the best way to display your napkins, and napkin rings are a great choice!

If you're curious how to learn the simple way of creating beautiful napkin rings at home, here are some tricks that will help you:

• Can you guess the secret behind these adorable personalized napkin holders that are pictured? They're made from a set of white wooden shower curtain rings! Simply add names using letter stamps and then seal with an acrylic spray. 

• Another great way to add a special touch to your napkin ring is to add a personalized photo. Photoshop whatever picture you deem appropriate — baby pictures or happy couples, the choice is yours. Then, print your pictures on plain white cardstock, cut them out, and attach a 1-inch high strip of construction paper to the back. The strip of paper should be just long enough to wrap around your rolled-up napkins. Not only will your guests marvel at your inventive creation, they'll have a little favor to bring home to remember the occasion.

Who knew such a small detail could turn into such a pleasant addition to your festivities? Hopefully, these ideas inspire you, and remember, however you choose to create your personalized napkin rings, you'll find it surprisingly simple and that it can easily become a fun, family affair.