15 Dishes You Have to Make for Your Super Bowl Party

You can’t go wrong serving up one (or more) of these awesome, share-worthy recipes

Game-Day White Chicken Chili

“Beer,” “barbecue,” “fried,” and “finger food” are all good, safe go-to concepts to use when thinking about your Super Bowl menu. You seriously can’t go wrong when one of these words is in the recipe title.

Super Bowl food, and really game-day fare in general, is all about indulging (and the cheesier, the better, right?). We’ve listed 15 of our favorite dishes to whip up for the big game.

For us, the best game-day foods are the ones you can layout family-style on the table; you should not spend your time fussing over plating, fancy ingredients, or complicated cooking procedures. Prepare and cook everything you need before kick-off, then set it down and walk away. We promise that even if a dish cools to lukewarm or your dip begins to dry out, everyone will still devour it all!


Although we are still a few weeks from finding out which teams will play in Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5, it’s not too early to dream up what you’ll be making and eating during the main event — you could test out your favorite recipe next Sunday!