Can You Guess the US State by Its Mascot?

It’s the fun new party game you didn’t know you wanted to play
Guess the State by Its Mascot

If you can guess all 50 states by their symbols and mascots, you're a true patriot.

Some could say that the very idea of America is symbolic. It’s the land of opportunity, the home of the free and brave, etc. And because we are a country that’s based on a ton of ideology and symbolism, we’re a country that loves official symbolism and mascots. There are national symbols, of course, like the bald eagle, stars and stripes, and the ultimate American mascot Uncle Sam. But mascots aren’t just at a national level. Every state in the union has multiple symbolic figures, but do you know what animal, food, or mascot matches with each state?

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Let’s play a game: Can you guess the U.S. state by its mascot? We’ve rounded up 50 official state animals, birds, plants, and other symbols and mixed them all up. Which state made the American Foxhound its official state dog? Which state is symbolized by a locomotive on its officially minted quarter? Which state has an animal its residents killed off in the center of its flag?

The matches to some of these U.S. state mascots (or symbols) may surprise you. Others, well, it’s pretty obvious who’s represented by a lobster, right? Or maybe it isn’t. But play along and see if you can guess the state by its official symbol.