9 Things You Have to Do Before Summer Ends (Slideshow)

Before fall arrives, make sure you get in these last-chance summer activities.

Host an Outdoor Party

If you managed to get by the entire summer without even once having friends over for a cookout, don’t worry, we can help you put that grill to good use. If you’re bored of barbecues, don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas you can still pull off, like an outdoor paintball party or outdoor movie night. And if all you have time for is a good old-fashioned Labor Day party? No sweat — we have tons of great ideas to make your last outdoor soirée a success

Make Ice Cream

Ice cream is good all year round, but there is something extra-special about eating it in the summer. If you think that store-bought cartons and fancy ice cream shops are the only ways to experience this frozen treat, guess again. Making your own ice cream is a fun, challenging way for you to pass the time and get creative with flavors.

Host a Tea Party

You might not think of a tea party as a summer activity, but with the right blends of herbs and hints of floral, you would be surprised how summery it can be! Tell friends to arrive in their Sunday bests to sip tea on your porch or back deck to soak up the last few opportunities you’ll have to enjoy the warm weather.

Pick Flowers

After a spring and summer of cultivating your flower beds, it is time to reap the benefits. Start picking summer buds from your garden or in the field and make beautiful arrangements that will bring life to your tabletop.

Camp Out

Commune with nature before it isn’t as inviting. If you can’t manage a trip away, settle for some backyard squatting! Sit around the fire with friends, make s’mores, and chat about the summers passed.

Go for a Swim

Dive in to your local pool while the water still feels refreshing. Pool parties are always a fitting way to see the summer off. If you don’t have a pool, don’t feel left out. You can have your own wild pool party without the pool

Check out a Flea Market

For those who are patient and meticulous, a visit to the flea market will do your old soul good. Rummage through vintage goods while under the sun for priceless finds. Who knows, you may even find a vintage cookbook to try out in your kitchen or the beginnings of a project to revamp for when the winter blues set in.

Go on a Picnic

There is no denying that all of the seasons have great picnicking opportunities. Summer picnics in the park, however, have an almost romanticized air about them, one that doesn’t really compare to any other season. Take a bike ride to your favorite spot or pack a romantic picnic for just two — either way, this is a summer activity you don’t want to miss out on. 

Go Fishing

Dust off your fishing rods and take a trip to the bay for a relaxing afternoon "at sea." After all, there can’t be anything more summery than watching the waves ripples to shore. If you happen to nab a good catch, take home your prize and serve it up on the grill for a flavorful summery dinner.