Labor Day Entertain Roundup

Host an effortless — and relaxing! — Labor Day with these great tips from The Daily Meal

Time has flown by and the weather is starting to cool, just a bit. But summer's not over yet, ladies and gents. There's one last hurrah before the pumpkin lattes hit shelves and Halloween candy is stocked, so let’s celebrate Labor Day with every last ounce of summer fun we have left. 

While the obvious applies — it’s the last day to "officially" wear white — just host and enjoy with these seamless, hassle-free tips. 

Have a No-Labor Labor Day Party
Whether you’re attending a parade, heading to the beach, or gathering with friends, keep one thing in mind: keep the labor to a minimum.

7 Stylish Essentials for Labor Day Gatherings
Whether you’re hosting family for a backyard barbecue or are planning on keeping it casual with a low- or no-labor Labor Day party, give your holiday weekend plans a little fresh color and flavor with something decorative on the table that will make kicking back a bit easier (and a whole lot more fun).

Labor-Less Labor Day Recipes
Labor Day is all about relaxing and enjoying a day of total leisure. Work can be done the other 364 days of the year, because on Labor Day, all you have to do is grab some friends, some food, and enjoy your day off.

Host an End of Summer Grilled Pizza Party
As Labor Day approaches and we’re all gearing up to celebrate the end of warm-weathered days, why not trade in the go-to BBQ fare for something original, like pizza?

What Not to Serve at a White Party
Yes, the age-old rule of wearing white from Memorial Day until Labor Day still stands, or so we’d like to think. With that, here's an idea for hosting a white party.