How to Arrange Summer Flowers

Simple tips for creating a beautiful arrangement for your table

How to Arrange Summer Flowers

During my June beach vacation, I begged my husband Drew’s 89-year-old grandmother, Ruthmary, to give me a flower arranging lesson. Roo-Roo, as us “kids” call her, is the type of Southern woman you read about in best-selling beach novels. She is an amazing cook, gardener, and charitable figure in her community, yet she drinks bourbon with grace and cracks the wittiest jokes of anyone I know. Her flower arrangements are legendary in her hometown of Wilson, N.C. and now we can all learn from her years of experience.


What You Need:

• A selection of flowers. For this arrangement, Roo-Roo chose blue hydrangeas and gardenias from her home along with some paler pink and white lace-top and shooting star hydrangeas for visual and textural interest.

• Greenery, if desired, for anchoring

• Clippers, for trimming stems

• A vase (and water)

• Newspaper, for covering the table

• Floral wire, if desired, for propping up any droopy, delicate buds

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