7 Food-Lover’s Party Favors for Your Wedding

Move away from the Jordan almonds to these more creative, food-focused wedding favors
Cookie Mix


Jars of homemade cookie mix are the tastiest wedding favors.

Wedding season is almost upon us. While we’re hugely excited about all the parties, we’re less excited about the excessive collection of Jordan almonds we’ll soon have sitting on our kitchen counter. There’s no doubt that these candy-coated almonds look very beautiful when wrapped up and tied with a bow, fitting perfectly into the pastel color scheme of every wedding, but these have never been one of our favorite foods to eat. And that’s not just because we think we’re going to break a tooth every time we bite into one.

Party favors have now become another way for the bride and groom to express their individuality, whether they’re an outdoorsy pair who send everyone home with a bag of seeds, or big drinkers who make sure no one leaves without a mini hangover kit. For the food-loving couple, there are so many delicious, creative, and inventive options from bags of homemade popcorn, to personalized M&M’s. Here are our seven favorite food-lover’s party favors for your wedding:

Caramel Popcorn

Customize some paper bags and fill them up with homemade caramel popcorn. These bursting bags of golden corn will look beautiful on the tables, and the guests will really appreciate having this delicious wedding favor to snack on when they’re on their way home.

Cookie Mix Jars

If you’re famous for your home-baked cookies, it’s time to share your secret with your nearest and dearest. Fill up jars with your homemade cookie mix and tie some pretty instructions around the lid. When your guests get around to baking the cookies, they’ll be thinking of you and your beautiful wedding.

Customized M&M’s

Who knew that you could customize M&M’s to be your favorite color and bearing your own initials? Make the most of this life-changing new discovery and send your wedding guests home with tins filled with uniquely designed M&M’s.

Loose Leaf Tea

Paper cones filled with loose leaf tea and sealed with a ribbon make for the prettiest wedding favors. Choose your favorite tea blend, and add some brief instructions on how to brew the perfect cup. This favor will be appreciated by the guests the morning after your wedding, and for many more mornings to come.

Mini Bottles of Spirits

If you have a favorite spirit, buy some mini glass bottles, fill them up, seal them with a cork, and tie a label around each of the bottles’ necks. Add a little card including the recipe for your favorite cocktail to share your most-loved indulgence with your closest family and friends.

Monogrammed Sugar Cookies

If you still want to hand out pastel-colored wedding favors, but are wise enough to ignore the standard Jordan almonds, monogrammed sugar cookies are the perfect swap. Everyone would much rather eat through a bag of cookies than break his or her tooth on a sugar-coated almond. If you’re a skilled baker, you could decorate the cookies yourself, but we recommend avoiding the stress and asking your favorite local baker to make them for you.

S’mores Kits


Give your guests something to look forward to eating when they get home by handing out little boxes or bags containing a DIY S’mores kits. As they toast their marshmallows and bite into everyone’s favorite sweet treat, they’ll reminisce about your fabulous wedding, how beautiful it was, and how this really was the best wedding party favor they’ve ever received.