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11 New Menu Trends for Your 2017 Wedding

From family-style service to doughnuts, make sure your wedding food is on trend

At the end of the day, a perfectly planned wedding comes down to a few basic elements: the venue, the wedding dress, the music, and the food. The first three elements are all about a couple’s vision of their day, whether they want a traditional wedding decked out in all white with classical music or a modern theme wedding full of color and pop. But the trickiest element is the food. Any wedding menu needs to balance the needs of guests, the desires of the couple, and the newest, most innovative catering trends.

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If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding menu and want it to be on point for 2017, worry no more. We spoke to WeddingWire trend expert Anne Chertoff about what’s hot for wedding menus this year.

While some things never go away, like the three-tier wedding cake or pigs in a blanket, there are plenty of new things on the rise this year. Family style meals, doughnuts for dessert, and miniature versions of your favorite comfort foods are all the rage. Also, expect to see plenty of customizable food stations and bars, which double as an alternative activity for guests and a delicious snack in the middle of all that dancing and socializing.

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