The 10 Best Pigs In A Blanket Recipes

A juicy mini-dog wrapped in dough, seasoned to your liking, and bite-sized — how can you go wrong? If ever there was a finger-food that would draw you back to the appetizer table at a party time and again, pigs in a blanket would be the strongest of contenders.

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One of the best things about pigs in a blanket is that they can be made in whatever style you like. They may seem like a simple combination of meat and dough, and that is partly true. But don't be mistaken, there are countless varieties of pigs in a blanket  recipes out there. That's why we've compiled a list of the 10 best pigs in a blanket recipes for your next cocktail party or family get-together.

If you've never tried to make pigs in a blanket before, knowing the essential steps to making the perfect pigs in a blanket is key. Try this Perfect Pigs in a Blanket Recipe for starters. Click on the slideshow to see The 10 Best Pigs in a Blanket Recipes. Once you've mastered the basics, take the opportunity to explore interesting and unique variations on this classic American recipe. For a unique take, try this Easy Breezy Cubano Pigs in a Blanket Recipe, or this Deep-Fried Pigs in a Blanket Recipe. For a creative interpretation of the pigs in a blanket concept, try this Currywurst in a Blanket Recipe, which draws inspiration from the Berlin street food classic currywurst.

However you prefer to prepare your pigs in a blanket, there's a recipe here for you. Some of these recipes you may have seen before, others may be completely new to you. Pigs in a blanket are a great appetizer choice for any occasion.