10 Winter Themed Kid's Birthday Parties Slideshow

Ice Princess

The little lady who rules your winter deserves to feel like the princess of the season on her special day. While anyone can throw a princess party, only winter babies can enjoy being ice princesses for their big day. Let your little one look dazzling in a white or blue tu-tu, complete with a glittery tiara. Have your little ladies make their own princess crowns and magic wands for an enchanting party activity. Rely on the winter wonderland tropes, like penguins and polar bears, as inspiration for decor and centerpieces.

Snowy Serving: Cooking for royalty can be easy with a little ingenuity. Like a real fairy godmother to your little princess, you can turn ordinary desserts into magical delights. And since the party is an homage to ice, what better to serve than an array of ice cream treats? You can always feature build-your-own sundaes and ice cream sandwiches, but think outside the box. Make cupcakes shaped like ice cream cones or use cones for snacks that look like princess hats. There are plenty of little additions and adjustments you can make to transform your serving table into an ice cream parlor.

Candy Land

With visions of sugar plums still dancing in your head, take it as inspiration for your kid’s next birthday party. Every kid loves candy, and since the winter is a celebration of sweets, it is easy to turn your home into a sugar oasis. Draw inspiration from the board game, using laminated construction paper as colorful floor tiles to replicate the famous board. With permission from your little guests’ parents, you could paint their faces with costume makeup or bedazzle their nails with multi-colored polish. Activities like a DIY pinata stuffed with a variety of candy will be sure-fire hits that are easy to create and execute. As take home favors, kids could make their own candy jewelry for hours (OK, maybe minutes) of fun with cereal or round candies.

Snowy Serving: While your party will certainly feature an array of sugar-powered centerpieces for guests to nibble on and an array of creative sweets to serve, make sure you have some main courses to munch on. Sandwich platters, fruit salads and veggie trays are colorful options to keep the candy color scheme in tact.

Ice Skating party

Glide up to a great time with your very own ice skating party. Make reservations at the outdoor rink to guarantee that the kids will have plenty of memories to carry with them. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to set up a rink-side station for your guests to enjoy. But say the closest rink is too far away to host a pre or post-skating party: Create your own backyard rink … conditions permitting. When setting up for your bash, old hand mirrors surrounded by fluffy cotton balls will create the perfect illusion of a snowy ice rink landscape. For party favors, hand out these adorable mittens, or recreate these sock cakes to be sure your guests stay nice and warm.

 Snowy Serving: Baby, it is cold outside. Whether you plan to set up a “comfort station” by the rink, or need a great way to warm the kids up after skating, a hot cocoa bar will surely keep them happy. Think of trimmings like marshmallows, chocolate spoons, or even blue-striped candy canes to go with your homemade hot chocolate recipe

Sugar Cookie Decorating Party

Sugar cookies are typically associated with the holidays, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them for another extra special celebration. This easy party is great to host for a small group of kids--and one even parents may want to participate in. Collect an array of cookie cutters, and think outside the box. Instead of snowflakes and snowmen, try finding circus animals or dinosaurs. Make sure you bake a few batches ahead of time, as trying to create a perfectly-shaped sugar cookie might be tough with a few kids at your feet. Before guests arrive, set up two decorating stations and split the kids into teams for the ultimate decorating challenge. Since you already have a creative bunch on your hands, you could buy blank paper treat bags and have them color those before taking their edible figurines home--saves you the hassle of buying partying favors.

Snowy Serving: Sugar cookies and milk are the peanut butter and jelly of the sweet world, and perfect for kids to enjoy at this type of shindig. Serve a libation that can double as another little treat, like decadent milkshakes or even tangy smoothies to cut the sugar rush.

Frosty Winter Wonderland

Even when the outdoors aren't covered in a blanket of white, you can make your living room transform into a child-friendly winter wonderland. Keep the kids entertained with a snowman race, where they can compete to build the best snowmen out of cotton balls. Instead of paper snowflakes (scissors + other peoples’ kids = not a good idea), have them make these nifty macaroni snowflakes instead. For extra fun, purchase some fake snow, wad into balls and let the kids have an indoor snowball fight. When setting up for a fabulous decor, opt for blue-themed streamers, balloons and linen. (Mixing birthday cake, kids and white tablecloths is generally detrimental.)

Snowy Serving: There are a ton o snow-inspired recipesyou can make for the kids to enjoy, but don’t forget to give them something to wash it down with. The kids will love their personalized snowman milk bottles  , and the adults in attendance can appreciate decadent ways to spice up tasty hot chocolate. (Just make sure you put aside a plain batch for the kiddies).

Sledding Party

Is the world outside covered in a blanket of white? Carpool your kids’ party to a safe, snow-covered hill for a sledding soiree--just leave Clark Griswald's experimental oil at home. Before heading out, divide the kiddies into even teams, each with a team name. They can then paint their own team racer sleds. While waiting for them to dry, have the tikes make cheering signs for their own sides. Once everyone is bundled up (make sure to offer extra winter gear just in case), take them on out to the hillside and let them slide.

Snowy Serving: The cold can get intense for anyone, so fill some thermoses with warm drinks and food. While hot chocolate and coffee for the adults is a given, packing homemade soup or hot mac n' cheese for the kids to enjoy between turns is a great way to keep them toasty, fueled and satisfied.

Fort Party

Should your backyard be a miniature frozen tundra, send the kids outside to build a snow fort and moderate a snowball fight. But what about when the weather outside gets too frightful? Gather your blankets and pillow for the kids to build an indoor fort to hide away in. Either you transform your living room, or leave the task to them. They can have pillow fights instead of snowball fights, and keep busy in their super-secret fort, making up house rules and handshakes. Turn the party into a sleep over, and set the kids up.

Snowy Serving: When you think of forts, you’re reminded of comfort foods that take you back to camping in the back yard. Think of finger food appetizers--like pigs in a blanket—or ooey, gooey indoor s'mores for your guests to enjoy in their secret hideaway.

Ice Hockey Party

Have the kids suit up and ship out for this rough-and-tumble party idea. If your child is a fan of hockey, they will go nuts for this easy themed bash. Knix the team theme and appeal to all hockey lovers with a day out on the ice. If you’re hesitant to take the kids out on the ice for such a rough sport, don’t fret. You can turn your living room into an air hockey oasis. Simply purchase a few paddles, pucks and fairly large whiteboards and enjoy a homemade activity the kids will love. Keep the decor easy: Use goal netting as table covers and paste pictures on hockey pucks to personalize your event.

 Snowy Serving: Keep all of your little players in character with easy hockey-themed food. Turn to classic recipes like homemade whoopie pies as mini “pucks” for kids to enjoy. With a little arranging, pretzel sticks, garlic bread or any stick-like food quickly morphs into hockey sticks, leaving the little ones to wash down their tasty meals with a cup fit for a winner

Crazy Winter Hat Party

Winter simply is not winter without going through piles of mismatched gloves, hats and scarves. Put that misfit outerwear to good use at your next birthday party: Have the kids use the scraps to make wild and wacky outerwear. Armed with craft piece--like colored cotton balls, pipe cleaners and googly eyes--make decorating stations, and let the kids host their own fashion show in your living room. Put together prize packs for the top three winners, filled with candy or small amount gift cards to encourage kids to participate and strut their stuff.

Snowy Serving: Keeping “fashion” in mind, serve up adorable DIY hat cookies, or little mittens filled with treats as party favors. Remember, anything remotely triangle shaped (like pizza bites and slices of pie) can be easily decorated to look like miniature hats to serve at this goofy party.