What We’re Loving: Cuisipro’s Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, make a heart-shaped treat for a dinner date dessert

Whoever says that ice cream is merely a summertime escape from the hot weather is seriously mistaken. While cuddled under blankets and watching a movie, you can usually find yours truly with a pint of ice cream in hand — I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this.

For something a bit fancier than a pint straight out of the freezer, Cuisipro’s ice cream sandwich maker is ideal for not only making the task of building an ice cream sandwich easier, but more fun, especially with its trio of shapes — a heart, a circle, and a star. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the gadget will make for a sweet ending to a great homemade dinner.


As for how to use it, just scoop and push — it's so simple you can put the kids in charge of dessert.